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Come here my love

Come here my love.
Come here, sit down with me.
I can feel your pain,
You can feel my lips.
For you and for me, survival is Love.

Come darling, sit down.
Come closer and hold me tight,
I know good days are waiting for us.
Believe in me, and we reach the stars.
I belong to you, and you will always be mine.

All we need is trust and understanding.

Come here my love,
Sit down, wipe off my tears.
Life is not always a fairy-tale.
It gives us sorrows and pains.
We need to have nothing to fear,
Our lives still have the present, and the end.

Come darling and lay down with me,
My pillows are bleeding since you left me alone.
Come and hold me, like a woman holds her man,
Until the morning wakes you on my bed.
Believe in me, I am your man.
Let my Hymn lead us to the end

The Trinity of One

When the one melts into two,
They become the eternal force.
When the eternal force reproduce itself,
It becomes the miraculous three.
The miraculous three is the continuation of
The line, that never ends,
Cause it is the start; rising from the end.

The one is the loneliest numeral, on its own merit.
If it meets with another one, it becomes the zenith.
This union is the base of all that exist.
They are the union, the embedded power of entity.
Three is the symbol of Trinity: the holiness of all that lives.
It represents the spirit, the soul, and the body-animal;
Independent forces that form the foundation of life.

They are the recreation of the self.
The ones unite, and become the roots of all-that-ever-lived.
They are the forged universal past-present-future,
The windows of unseen realities, and
The doors, which open our path to the everlasting creation.
They return to the roots.
To the force that re-creates itself: The One.


I traveled the world far and wide.
I observed myriad of wonders, day and night.
I left but a few stones unturned on my way.
I have never been so alone, so separate.

I studied humanity, the nature, and the life of the wild.
I mastered how to read, to explain, and to write.
I preached compassion, affection, and love.
I have never felt so barren and so wild.

I fought battles of an unholy war.
I conquered many hearts, spirits, and souls.
I became the victim of my childish crimes.
I countenanced your innocent lies.

Dancing flowers, wondering skies

I see little flowers alongside the road, they dance in the summer breeze.
As I walk on the footpath, gentle melodies massage my thoughts.
I must break my movement, because I hear one flower’s call:

“Stranger of endless travel, what brings you here to nowhere?”
“I am searching for the Light, I lost when I was a child”
“Stranger of endless travel, the Light is hiding in your heart!”

I sit down along the highway in the sunset,
The flowers are dancing in the breeze.
I see an awakening light on my horizon. The flower sings:

“Where have you been stranger?”
“I was sailing through many seas. I went wondering to master my world,
And I lost many friend in a hostile universe “…

I laze on the ground and listen to the flowers.
They are singing of good times in paradise,
Where the roads are clean, and the skies are golden paths.

“I lost my best friend last night, killed by a car.”
“I am so sad to hear that!” the flower wept with blood.
“I lost my best friend, she was about to bloom when she died” …

The flowers stopped dancing. The grey sky started to cry.
I laid low on the ground with wide opened eyes and
Inhaled the poisons from the passing cars.

Forgotten songs

Look at the horizon,
Everything looks so separate.
Do not be frightened though,
It is only an illusion.

Sit down.
Listen to the voice of the spirits.
Hear your own imagination singing.
Time to wake up to yourself.

Step over your abandoned disappointment,
Over the darkness and into the rainbow.
Run and realize the truths that lies ahead.
You are the one they call, the hero.

When I sing to you, you do not need to hear me.
I wrote my songs for the deaf and the bold.
They are the creation of my wondering soul.
They will never rest. They will never fall.

They live inside me, like it or not.
They are my children, my thought.
They are my universe, they are valiant.
They are my planets and my suns.

High hopes

I have no thought about anything else,
Since I met you my life became a one-way road.
I feel uncomfortably numb when you are away from me.

I asked you to love me and you gave yourself without fear.
I asked you to stay with me,
You planted your heart in me, obsessed by my fate.

You became my fertile soil.
I became the oak that will grow for thousands of years.
Together, we are an evergreen forest.

Through endless generations of undying hearts,
We will reproduce ourselves by days, and by nights.
We root happiness and we harvest love.

I complete your fate,
You complete my destiny.
Together, we fulfill our dreams.

I love you

You can own me as I am.
I am here for you now, and forever.
I will love you as long I can breathe,
As long your sun shines at my sin.

I am free: my spirit is flying.
I sing: my soul is alive.
I cry: my heart is burning.
I love you: my life is turning.


Because you
Because of you
Because I am sad
Because you left me
Because I am not yours
Because you are far away
Because years melting my life
Because you ran away into darkness
Because the days are black without you
Because my years running away from me
Because I hear sounds of forbidden melodies
Because you are far away like days of happiness
Because the cold winds of winter are licking my soul
Because my life without you is a drifting yacht in storm
Because I am scared – you may never become my reality
Because I am caged into the forbiddance of your love
Because I am afraid of being alone in my realm
Because I cannot stop thinking about you
Because the night-sun burns my dream
Because I cannot stop loving you
Because I know you love me
Because I am so happy
Because of you
Because you

With, and without you

You are everything I ever had,
You are everything, and more.

You are more than everything I ever had,
You are my embedded thought.

With you, I am a foundation with summit.
Without you, I am a fragmentary sentence.

Rolling stones

I am in the gardens of love, where
I visit your soul with my dreams.
There, I water your heart with my tears.

I sit at your abandoned body in the dark.
I wonder, how long will we live? Will we ever die?

My thoughts visit your spirit through your eyes.
I tell you, “Let me enter in to your life.
Let me be part of your world, and your lies.”

You say, “I let you steal manna from my mouth.”
I solder my lips to your heart, and you cry.

my words, like heavy rocks,
roll down memory lane,
Into empty holes.